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Sept. 4, 2015

There are a lot of people who will respond to register receipt surveys and websites that rate services. But it is usually people that are mad and want to leave negative feedback. I would like to say how GREAT my experience has been with Clayton Homes in Kodak..

In my 60+ years I have rented and I have owned 3 homes. All had good and poor customer service points. Two years ago I bought a mobile home through Clayton Homes in Kodak. My kids were all raised and gone, no grandkids YET!!! So back to just me. Since the purchase, Clayton Homes in Kodak has been there for me to fix any problem and help with every project I have done. For example, I was framing in a little closet in my kitchen area and their fix-it man was there fastening down a piece of door trim that had come loose. I asked if I could purchase a door that would match my cabinets. Next thing I know he shows up with a door. Etched glass pane that says, PANTRY very nice. It had been installed in another home and the owner didn't like it...? He asked if I would like it, I asked how much and he said no charge.!

It is now installed in my kitchen and looks great. There have been other little projects I've done where I asked for supplies and Clayton Homes in Kodak has gotten them for me at very little cost to me.

Gods blessings often come through human vessels. For me it is through Clayton Homes in Kodak.

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